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Sri Venkateshwara Ashtothram


Om Sri Venkateshaaya Namaha

Om Srinivasaaya Namaha

Om Lakshmi Pathaye Namaha

Om Anaamayaaya Namaha

Om Amruthamshaaya Namaha         5



Om Jaga dwandhyaaya Namaha

Om Govindaaya Namaha

Om Shaswathaaya Namaha

Om Prabhave Namaha

Om Sheshadri nilayaaya Namaha      10


Om Devaaya Namaha

Om Keshavaaya Namaha

Om Madhusudhanaaya Namaha

Om Amruthaaya Namaha

Om Mahdavaaya Namaha                15



Om Krishnaaya Namaha

Om Sri haraye Namaha

Om Gnanapanjaraaya Namaha

Om Srivathsa vakshase Namaha

Om Sarveshaaya Namaha                20


Om Gopalaaya Namaha

Om Purushothamaaya Namaha

Om Gopishwaraaya Namaha

Om Parasmai Jyothishey Namaha

Om Vaikunta pathaye Namaha          25


Om Avyayaaya Namaha

Om Sudha thanave Namaha

Om Yadhavendraaya Namaha

Om Nithya yavvana roopavathe Namaha

Om Chaturvedaathnakaaya Namaha 



Om Vishnave Namaha

Om Atchyuthaaya Namaha

Om Padmini priyaaya Namaha

Om Dharaa pathaye Namaha

Om Sura pathaye Namaha                35



Om Nirmalaaya Namaha

Om Deva poojithaaya Namaha

Om Chaturbhujaaya Namaha

Om Chakradharaaya Namaha

Om Thridhaamne Namaha                 40



Om Thrigunashrayaaya Namaha

Om Nirvikalpaaya Namaha

Om Nishkalankaaya Namaha

Om Niranthakaaya Namaha

Om Niranjanaaya Namaha                45       


Om Niraabhaasaaya Namaha

Om Nithya thrupthaaya Namaha

Om Nirgunaaya Namaha

Om Nirupadravaaya Namaha

Om Gadhadharaaya Namaha             50


Om Sharngjapaanaye Namaha

Om Nandhakine Namaha

Om Shankadhaarakaaya Namaha

Om Aneka Moorthaye Namaha

Om Avyakthaaya Namaha                55

Om Kati hasthaaya Namaha

Om Varapradhaaya Namaha

Om Anekaathmane Namaha

Om Dheenabhandhave Namaha

Om Aartha lokaabhaya pradhaaya Namaha



Om Aakaasharaaja varadhaaya Namaha

Om Yogihruthpadma mandiraaya Namaha

Om Damodharaaya Namaha

Om Jatgathpaalaaya Namaha

Om Paapaghnaaya Namaha             65


Om Bhakta vathsalaaya Namaha

Om Thrivikrayamaaya Namaha

Om Shinshumaaraaya Namaha

Om Jatamukuta shobhithaaya Namaha

Om Shanka madhyollnmandhakim-     kinyaadhya karandakaaya Namaha  70


Om Neela meghashyama thanave Namaha

Om Bilva pathrarchana priyaaya Namaha

Om Jagadhvapine Namaha

Om Jagathkarthre Namaha

Om Jagathsaakshine Namaha          75


Om Jagath pathaye Namaha 

Om Chinthithaardha pradhaaya Namaha 

Om Jishnave Namaha 

Om Dhasharhaaya Namaha 

Om Dhasharoopavathe Namaha      80


Om Devakinandhanaaya Namaha 

Om Shouraye Namaha 

Om Haayugreevaaya Namaha 

Om Janardhanaaya Namaha

Om Kanya shravana tharejyaaya Namaha 



Om Pithambhara dharaaya Namaha 

Om Anaghaaya Namaha 

Om Vanamaaline Namaha 

Om Padmanaabhaaya Namaha 

Om Mrugayaasaktha maanasaayane Namaha 


Om Ashwaroodaya Namaha 

Om Khadgadharine Namaha 

Om Dhanarjana samuthsukaaya Namaha 

Om Ghanasaara sanmadhya kasturi-

Thilakojwala Namaha 

Om Sachithaananda roopaaya Namaha      95


Om Jagan magala daayakaaya Namaha 

Om Yagna roopaaya Namaha 

Om Yagna Bhokthre Namaha 

Om Chinmayaaya Namaha 

Om Parameshwaraya Namaha         100


Om Paramardha Pradhaya Namaha 

Om Shanthaaya Namaha  

Om Shrimathe Namaha  

Om Dhordhanda vikramaaya Namaha   

Om Parathparaya Namaha              105 


Om Parasmai Bhrahmane Namaha 

Om Sri vibhave Namaha   

Om Jagadeswaraya Namaha           108  


Sri Venkateshwara Ashtothra Shatanaamavali 




 collection by Mrs Uma ramana


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avatar Wednesday, 16 April 2014
This is incomplete only upto 55.. Even shiva ashtotara is incomplete
avatar wrote:
This is incomplete only upto 55.. Even shiva ashtotara is incomplete
You may not be able to view the second part of the ashtotara if you are viewing it through a mobile or any such related devices. Please visit the page using a PC or enable desktop version through your mobile. We are working over this problem and will be rectified soon. Thanks for letting us know about this issue.