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Lemon Pickle (Nimbu ka Achar)


 Lemon for Lemon Pickle (Nimbu ka Achar)

cut lemon pieces forLemon Pickle (Nimbu ka Achar)

  • Lemons                :    15 to 20 Nos(medium size)
  • Salt                       :     1\2 cup
  • (approx. 5 to6 table spoons)
  • Red chilli powder :     1\2 cup
  • Oil                        :      1\2 cup
  • (til or ground nut oil would be good)
  • Haldi                    :     1\2 table spoon
  • Methi powder      :     1 table spoon
  • (fenugreek)
  • Hing                     :     1\2 tea spoon
  • Red chillies          :     4 to 5 Nos.
  • Rai                       :     1 table spoon (mustard)


Cut lemons into medium size pieces. Add 1\2 cup salt and 1\2 tea spoon Haldi.  Keep it in a dry bottle or any glass Jar for 3 days.  (shake the jar well every day)

Lemon Pickle (Nimbu ka Achar)

Take large bowl, put the lemon pieces into it.  Add 1\2 cup red chilli powder, 1 table spoon Methi powder to it.  Mix well.

Ingredients for Lemon Pickle (Nimbu ka Achar)

Take a frying pan.  Heat 1\2 cup oil.  Add Rai, Red chillies and Hing to it.  Let the rai splutter. Remove it from the flame and cool it.  Add the cooled thadka to the lemon achar and mix well. Store it in a air tight jar.  

Nimbu ka achar in Andhra style is ready.

You can store this in refrigerator too. 


By Mrs Uma ramana

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