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Methi ki chutney(menthi koora pachadi)

Ingredients for Methi ki chutney(menthi koora pachadi)            

Fenugreek chutney

  • 1.       Fenugreek leaves (Methi leaves). . . one bunch
  • 2.       Fenugreek seeds. . .1/2 tsp
  • 3.       Red chilies. . .7-8
  • 4.       Mustard Seeds. . .1 tsp
  • 5.       Tamarind. . .lemon sized ball
  • 6.       Oil
  • 7.       Salt to taste


1.     Wash the fenugreek leaves bunch in running water.  Clean and chop methi leaves. Add 2tsp oil in a pan and fry the leaves till the water gets evaporates. Keep aside and let it cool.

2.       Heat oil in another pan and fry methi, mustard seeds, red chilies and keep aside and let cool.

3.     Grind all  the ingredients adding salt and tamarind coarsely.  Add water if necessary (no need to add water).

Tip: this tastes excellent with hot rice and raw onion.

Methi ki chutney(menthi koora pachadi)

by Mrs Vedagiri Surya Kutumbam.
edited by Mrs Uma ramana

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