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Aloo Bajji (alugadda Bajji)


Aloo slices and batter


Aloo (Potatoes)       :   1 to 2 nos.(sliced)

Basen(gram flour)    :   1 cup

Rice flour                :   2 table spoons

Ajwain(carom seeds):   1 tea spoon

Hing                       :   ¼ tea spoon

Salt                        :    1 tea spoon

Chilly powder          :    1 tea spoon

Soda bicarb             :    ¼ tea spoon(a pinch)

Dhaniya leaves        :    1 table spoon 

(finely chopped)

Oil                         :     For deep fry


Peel Aloo and make thin slices. 

Tip: Keep sliced potatoes in salt water so that color may not be changed.

Take a bowl.  Mix basen, rice flour, salt, chilly powder, Ajwain, soda bicarb, hing and chopped dhaniya leaves with sufficient water and make a smooth batter.  The batter should not be very thick.

Heat Oil in a thick bottomed frying pan.  Now dip each slice in the batter and leave slowly in the oil. Deep fry in a medium flame until golden brown.  Aloo bajii is ready..............

Serve hot with sauce or any chutney..

Aloo Bajji (alugadda Bajji)

By Mrs Uma ramana


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