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Palak Sev (Palakura Chakralu)

Ingredients for Palak seve (palakura chakralu)


1 Bunch Palak (spinach)

3 cups Basin (gram flour)

2 tea spoons green chilli paste

salt to taste  

Oil for deep fry

                                                  Palak being blanched

Clean, wash and drain palak leaves.  Heat 2 glasses of water.  When water starts boiling add palak leaves.  Cook for 3 to 4 min. and switch of the flame.  Drain and run cold water. Make a fine paste in a mixie.

                                                           Dough for making palak sev

Now combine all the ingredients, add water if necessary and make a smooth dough.  

                                           Palak sev being deep fried in oil             

Heat sufficient oil for deep fry in a pan.  Now place a small ball of the dough in a chakli maker (use the sev mould) and deep fry the Sev. Fry until they become crispy.  Remove from the oil, drain on a kitchen paper.  Allow to cool and store them in a air tight container.

                                                     Palak Sev (Palakura Chakralu)         

Tasty Palak sev (palakura chakralu) are ready............ Enjoy..........

Palak Sev (Palakura Chakralu)

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