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Undrallu/Vinayaka Chavithi Prasadam




1 cup Rice rava  (you need around 1 and half cup of Rice to make a cup of rice rava)

2 table spoons chana dal (soaked for half an hour)

1 table spoon jeera

2 cups of water

salt to taste.

1 tea spoon of ghee


                                                    Sieve and remove the rice powder

For making rice rava:  Wash and soak rice for 3 to 4 hours.  Drain water and dry them on a clean towel.  When the rice is slightly wet grind coarsly.  Sieve and remove the rice powder.  Rice rava is ready.

Wash and soak chana dal for an hour.

Take a pan. Heat ghee and add jeera to it.  

When it starts spluttering add the soaked chana dal and stir fry.  Immediately add 2 cups of water and salt to taste.

When the water starts boiling, slowly add the rice rava and stir properly so that no lumps are formed.  (Just like you prepare upma)  Now reduce the flame and cover the pan with a lid.  Cook for 5 mins. in a medium flame.  Switch off the flame and leave it for some time. 

When it is cooled apply a little ghee to your palms (if necessary) and make lemon size balls. Vinayaka Chavithi prasadam Undrallu  are ready...........


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