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Til ka Laddu/Nuvvula laddu

Ingredients for Til ka Laddu


  • 1 cup white til (sesame)
  • 1 cup Gud (jaggery) grated
  • 2 tea spoons desi ghee

Dry roast til (sesame seeds) in a pan              


Fry Til (without oil) in a thick bottomed pan in a medium flame until they turn to golden color.  Keep them aside.

Melt the jaggery adding half cup of water

Now add half cup of water to the jaggery and heat.  

Filter the jaggery water

When the jaggery melts filter it. 

Jaggery Syrup                      

Now heat the jaggery water in a pan and make a thick syrup.

Testing Jaggery syrup

Take a bowl of chilled water.  Put a drop of the jaggery syrup.  If it forms a ball.......the syrup is ready.. If not you have to heat the syrup again and check.

Add the roasted til to the jaggery syrup           

Once the syrup is ready, add the roasted sesame seeds to it.  Mix well and allow it to cool.  Apply some ghee to your palms and make lemon size balls when the mixture is warm.  Tasty Til ka laddu/Nuvvula laddu is ready...........Store the laddus in a air tight container when they are totally cooled.

Set the mixture in a greased  plate             

Tip:  You can also set the mixture in a greased  (greased with desi ghee) plate.  Allow it to cool and cut to small pieces and store.

Til ka Laddu/Nuvvula laddu     

Til ka Laddu/Nuvvula laddu

By Mrs Uma Ramana
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